Synth DIY with Mich


Hello! I’m Mich, and I rather like synthesizers, especially building my own. I’ve been doing a lot of that since early 2016, so I thought it would make sense to dedicate a little site to it.

First of, I want to pay my respects to †Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space. While I had a vague desire to start building a synthesizer, Ray’s enthusiasm in Make: Analog synthesizers and MFOS really rubbed off on me. In his words: Keep imagining, keep inventing, stay ingenious!

On this site I will describe in detail how I’ve built synthesizer modules, as well as lessons I learn along the way, techniques I figure out, and so on. I’ll try to keep it somewhat organized, and have the rest of this homepage serve as an index of all the content on the site.





More to come!